Izid prve knjige komentarja Pogodbe o delovanju EU

Datum objave: 11.06.2021 | Datum poteka: 30.12.2030

Pri založbi Springer je izšla prva knjiga komentarja Pogodbe o delovanju EU, ki je rezultat sodelovanja raziskovalcev iz različnih držav članic EU. Prof. dr. Janja Hojnik s Pravne fakultete Univerze v Mariboru je avtorica komentarja k poglavju o količinskih omejitvah, členi 34-37 PDEU.

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Article 34 [Prohibition of Quantitative Restrictions on Imports]


As noted by the EU Court at several occasions, the free movement of goods between Member States, as expressed in Article 34 TFEU, is a fundamental principle of EU law. Prohibition of quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect on imports is pursuing the goal of eliminating all non-tariff barriers to imports of goods. This prohibition is embodied in Article 34 TFEU and complemented by extensive case law, which is presented below to the extent permitted by the limited space of the comment. It may be noted already at the beginning of this comment that the EU Court in its case law on Article 34 TFEU in conjunction with supremacy and direct effect, afforded traders with many rights that should be protected by the national authorities. In doing so, the EU Court provided Article 34 TFEU with a very wide scope, especially if compared with similar provisions of the GATT and the US Constitution.