Vtisi študentov, po opravljeni mobilnosti:

I decided to take Erasmus in Maribor because of similarities between my faculty and this faculty, and because of language. I I did not regret. This was one of best productive months in my life. The Administrative part is very good and it is always available for you, which was a little bit strange in the law world. The people are nice and kind, if you need something you can ask and you will get your answer really quickly. The lectures are good and productive, and professors are professional and kind, especially professor from Labour law. The only think I am so satisfied are the seminars, which I think that they are not so important for us like the lectures and some other details of subjects. I improve my vocabulary at your faculty and I am very grateful for everything. Hope to see you soon. 

- Romana Prce



My stay in Maribor judge very well. A lot has happened, I met great people and survived the great adventure. I had a little trouble with the language but a lot of jumped my level, so I'm happy. The only thing that depresses me is the fact that some of the items turned out to be harder than I thought. I hope that all the credit, because otherwise I have no reason to return to your country.

- Jakub Urbanowicz