I decided to take Erasmus in Maribor because of similarities between my faculty and this faculty, and because of language. I I did not regret. This was one of best productive months in my life. The Administrative part is very good and it is always available for you, which was a little bit strange in the law world. The people are nice and kind, if you need something you can ask and you will get your answer really quickly. The lectures are good and productive, and professors are professional and kind, especially professor from Labour law. The only think I am so satisfied are the seminars, which I think that they are not so important for us like the lectures and some other details of subjects. I improve my vocabulary at your faculty and I am very grateful for everything. Hope to see you soon. 

- Romana Prce



My stay in Maribor judge very well. A lot has happened, I met great people and survived the great adventure. I had a little trouble with the language but a lot of jumped my level, so I'm happy. The only thing that depresses me is the fact that some of the items turned out to be harder than I thought. I hope that all the credit, because otherwise I have no reason to return to your country.

- Jakub Urbanowicz




After my stay in Maribor I can only say that I could not have chosen better place for my Erasmus exchange.
Slovenia is beautiful and friendly country and Maribor is the best place to experience that. The University of Maribor provided us with many different opportunities such as: sport activities (winter sports, hiking, indoor sports), local and international trips, as well as workshops and slovenian language course. Not to mention coupon food!
At the Faculty of Law there is a wide range of different subjects to choose from. Proffesors and coordinators are very helpful and it is easy and convinient to contact them.
As for Erasmus in general, while being here I had a chance to meet people from the whole Europe, which was not only the greatest opportunity to increase my language skills, but also a chance to meet other cultures in a unique way. In my free time I was able to travel to Slovenia's neighbouring countries as well as integrate with locals and other foreign students. Those months that I spend in Maribor were certainly a fantastic time.

Justyna Kościcka


Kurt Sila Senem


As for me,Slovenia is one of the most peaceful, safe, politically stable and culturally diverse country with a high standard of living, clean air, a healthy lifestyle and good accommodation. Studying in Slovenia offers me a unique opportunity to discover the country and its neighbors, the culture, cuisine,nature, and gain new knowledge. During my studies in law faculty, all professors are good-humoured and helpful. One of my best experience with my faculty was visiting the society for the protection of children with professor Suzana. Also, the presentations that I made in lectures enabled me to gain self-confidence.

Slovenia is the only country in Europe with the coupons systems (it's really amazing!) It saved life and gave us opportunity to discover almost all restaurants in Maribor. I would like to stay more in Maribor.

            Participation in the Erasmus program completely changes people’s lives and character. I feel more conscious and positive. I made a friends from many nations and I recognized different cultures. They were like my family and i’m sure that I continue to meet with most of them.

Thanks to the coordination of Maribor University, I didn’t feel like a tourist or a foreign student, I felt like part of the University of Maribor. Especially, Rebeka from international office at Faculty of Law has always helped me in every respect quickly. I hope I have opportunity to come back again.  

Jake Camilleri

“I always thought Maribor would be a pretty city from what I've seen and read about the city online; however experiencing such scenery first hand is simply breathe taking and I urge all those thinking of having their exchange in Maribor do so without any hesitation. Not only will you be treated with a beautiful city, but there is something for both those students who enjoy partying as well as those who prefer quieter times. The professors were also very wholesome people, who were appreciative of the fact that students came from different legal backgrounds and structured their lessons accordingly. I think that both these contributed to a fantastic experience, my only concern is that I am unable to stay for both semesters."











  • Roberto Mazzoleni - Islandija

    "Če torej poenostavim, na lestvici od ena do 10 se Erasmus približa 10 tako, kot se študent prava približa knjižnici med izpitnim obdobjem!"



"Nasvet in priljubljena praksa: izberi več predmetov, kot jih glede na ECTS potrebuješ. Možnost je, da pride do spremembe predmetnika: določen predmet se odpove ali zamenja semester izvajanja, potem pa moraš izbrati med predmeti, ki so še na voljo – izbira je nato zelo omejena, saj je večina predmetov polno zasedenih. (Posledično imaš potem predmet Transportno pravo, ki pa si ga že imel doma, kar pomeni, da se ti ne bo priznal!) Torej, v Learning Agreementu izberi več predmetov, potem pa se prvi teden odločiš, katerega boš dejansko opravljal, iz ostalih se pa izpišeš."


 Obštudijske dejavnosti:

Vsak ponedeljek t.i. „Erasmus večer“

 Športne aktivnosti

 Ekskurzije v druga francoska mesta (Mont saint Michel, Amboise,…)

Naši študenti, ki so že bili na izmenjavi preko Erasmus+ programa so pripravili splošne informacije o študiju v tujini in zapisali nasvete, ki pridejo prav vsakemu študentu, ki se brez izkušenj odpravlja v "svet" po nova znanja in izkušnje.

Vabljeni k branju in ogledu predstavitev univerz iz Francije, Islandije, Nizozemske, Velike Britanije in Srbije, ki so jih obiskali študenti Pravne fakultete Univerze v Mariboru.

Zakaj na študij v tujino? TO JE ŽIVLJENJSKA IZKUŠNJA, ki je nikar ne zamudite!