The Second Cycle master's study programme "European Legal Studies"

  • Stopnja in vrsta študijskega programa:
    Master's (2nd-cycle) study programme
  • The duration of the study programme:
    2 years
  • The study programme comprises (ECTS):
  • Omejitev vpisa:
    In accordance with Article 41 of the Higher Education Act, if the number of applications exceeds the number of available enrolment places, candidates shall be ranked according to: – grade point average (80%) and – grade awarded for the thesis (20%).

The Faculty of Law provides a wealth of research facilities empowered by educational technologies, academic services, well-equipped modern libraries and reading rooms with access to international legal databases.

It offers the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus programme, other cooperation programmes and networks encouraging the interchange of ideas between students, academic staff and the frequent visiting lecturers.

Our lecturers are internationally renowned legal experts. They are specialised in various disciplines of EU law and many of them hold important positions in judiciary and other legal institutions.

The programme offers in-depth studies of the classic branches of European law and those aspects of European integration that influence its relations with the international community.

The programme deals with the multifaceted aspects of European integration linked with the political, social, economic, business, security, defence, energy, environmental and similar interests of the Member States and the Union as a whole. It will provide professional training that will superbly prepare the student to become a lawyer that will be empowered to perform the most demanding jobs in legal, economic and non-economic positions in the EU and in the international environment, which requires specific legal skills and additional professional qualifications.

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