Prof. dr. Boštjan Brezovnik, prof. dr. Gorazd Trpin and prof. dr. Senko Pličanič published a book entitled: 'Public Administration System'

Publish date: Monday, 21. January 2019 | Expiration date: Thursday, 31. December 2020

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the public administration system. Its special quality is that it deals with the entire public administration system in one place, which is why the authors had to define its boundaries, core institutions and functions and its relationship with the external environment. The purpose was not to consider all public administration issues in depth, but at a system level, making it an overarching work for the further study of the public administration system.

In that context, present and future scientific and expert works may be linked with it in areas such as the protection of individuals’ rights in relation to the administration including administrative procedures, judicial control over the operations of the administration and informal protection of individuals’ rights in relation to the administration; the area of internal relations within the public administration system including the issues of people in the public administration and organisational issues of the administration; and the area of public administration institutions and functions including the organisational and operational issues of the state administration, local self-government and public services or activities of general interest. Hence, a series of papers can be expected on the basis of this work that will deal with the mentioned issues. This paper will bring them together in a systematic whole. This book, therefore, provides a system framework for the future study of public administration and offers new system bases for the further development of administrative science.

The book is available at (Open Access).