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Datum objave: 06.07.2018 | Datum poteka: 31.12.2019

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Debt collection has never been an easy ordeal, even when both the creditor and the debtor reside in the same country. When debt collection becomes a cross-border issue, it confronts legal jurisdictions of different countries. The European Union, excelling in the free movement of persons and goods, and the approximation of laws, encounters the recurrent challenge of cross-border debt collection, as the economic ties and business relations between Member states deepen.

Do you think the EU should take steps in harmonizing some core or common elements found in enforcement titles in order to advance cross-border enforcement?

Are Member states on the same page when it comes to implementing supra-national enforcement titles or is mutual trust in need of further strengthening?

What is the most difficult part of the procedure of issuing Enforcement titles in the judicial system of your country?

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